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About Me

After my own diagnosis of POP just 3 weeks after my son was born, I quickly realized that the resources available for young mother's with prolapse was meager. Most support groups are full of older women who are considering surgery and joining those groups felt like a death-sentence of sorts. In searching for all the education I could for myself I was overwhelmed with a lack of consolidated information. These two reasons were the main driving factors behind creating P4Moms, 

I established this community for you to connect with others who are experiencing prolapse and who might be in the same phase of life as you are. There are multiple chat groups for you to join organized by prolapse type, geographic location, when your child was born, as well as focus groups on topics such as pessaries, surgery, and levator muscle avulsions. 

In addition to the community chat groups, you also have access to a private gallery of real photographs of prolapse. These photos have been taken and submitted by other members for educational purposes with the intent of demonstrating a variety of vulvas and prolapses. This can be found under "Topics".

My hope is that you feel welcome and supported here. 

I am sad that you are here. But I am glad that you are here. 

A Big Thanks

Thank you everyone who has joined us on this journey together! This community would not be here if it weren't for all of you. You've made it so much more than I ever imagined.


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